Mum mortified after spotting major error in son’s name tattooed on arm

A mum who had her son’s name tattooed on her arm has been left horrified after noticing it was spelled incorrectly.

The embarrassed mother took to TikTok under @aaryn.mj to share the costly blunder, which saw her son Michael’s name inked into her skin as Micheal.

The woman failed to notice the disastrous spelling error before the tattoo was finished on her arm.

In the humorous clip shared to TikTok, the woman revealed she only realised the error once she was home.

The video has been liked more than 25,000 times and has been viewed by 160,000 people.

The mum light heartedly – and rhetorically – asks her followers what their idea of a ”worst case scenario” would be when getting a name tattooed, as she hints: ”It’s not breaking up.”

She continues: “It’s spelling it wrong. Now, imagine you’re gonna go get your children’s names tattooed on you… You don’t realise after looking at all the stencils to pick the right size that it is spelt wrong.

“They place the stencil. You still don’t fking see it. They tattoo the fking thing on you. You still don’t see it.

“it’s not until you take the bandage off and you go to take pictures of it that you see that your son’s name is spelt wrong for an eternity!”

As you would expect, many people took to the comments to mock her mistake.

One user said: “I noticed it when you started talking. I was like ‘that’s a weird way to spell Michael.'”

“I’d do a cover-up and then redo his name lol,” a second said. A third added: “Easy fix. Change his name.”

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