Woman finds manhole in bedroom leading to hidden bomb shelter and abandoned food store

A woman couldn’t believe it when she found an eerie bomb shelter underneath the floor in her bedroom.

The bomb shelter even had a bedroom and ventilation.

Jennifer Little, from California, revealed on TikTok that she moved some furniture only to discover a manhole.

Her husband then climbed into the hole, although she said she got “totally freaked out by the huge spiders”.

Jennifer has done a number of TikToks sharing her discovery of the shelter and what they find inside.

In one, which shows the manhole being opened, she said: “There’s the two bunk beds, there is a urinal if you need it.”

In the TikTok video exploring the shelter, people are in a very dark room, shining a torch on areas of the spooky bomb shelter.

It’s very dark and messy inside the shelter, and a load of hooks can be seen sticking out of the wall.

The man film says there’s “bunkbeds, a cabinet. This is a legit bomb shelter”.

Jennifer later filmed the bomb shelter’s food store

In the further video exploring the shelter, Jennifer says: “This is the dry storage room for the bomb shelter.

“I’m not sure why they built it this way, you’d have to leave the shelter to go into the dry storage room.”

Jennifer originally thought the bomb shelter was for World War Two but later learned the house wasn’t built until 1951, so actually it would have been a shelter for nuclear bombs in the Cold War.

“This house has a bomb shelter, pretty normal for back then,” she said.

“People were so afraid of a nuclear bomb happening on the California coast, especially central California because it’s so exposed.

“The shelter has beds and ventilation as well.”

People are completely wowed by the bunker, with the videos getting millions of views on TikTok.

One user said: “This is so cool, everything is preserved it’s just dusty, you guys should remodel it.”

“I need more,” commented another person.

Someone else added: “Well if there’s a zombie apocalypse at least ya’ll be safe.”

Another person penned: “My claustrophobia just went through the roof.”

One spooked viewer said they would “never go down there”.

And another gave a word of caution, writing: “Ok but if debris fall on it from the bomb how would anyone know you were there.”

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